AssistBox, More Than Video Calls

Don’t you think we see a new video call platform every day, especially with the pandemic process? Let's get to know AssistBox a little closer and see its features that correspond to much more than the video call platform.

Biometric Verification: Biometric Verification: Do you need to verify your customers' credentials digitally? Or to make a blacklist to prevent abuse of your service… You can easily meet these needs by using our capabilities such as face recognition and reality check.

OCR and NFC: You can digitize the information on your ID, driver's license, and passport through the photo you take or the chip on the ID.

Remote Mobile Device Control: The technological competencies of all your customers may not be at the same level. Or you may not want to tire them at all. During the call, you can turn on the flash, take the location, switch the front-back camera and take photos from the mobile device of the person you are talking to.

Multi-party Video Call: Do you need more than a one-on-one call? With AssistBox, you can add as many people as you want during the conversation. Of course, we recommend that you consider your internet quality while doing this.

Meeting Survey: We ask to fill out a survey to the participants at the end of each meeting. You can follow the survey results and feedback.

Video Recording: You can record the video calls made on AssistBox and watch them later.

Data Storage: Upon your request, we keep all the data created on the AssistBox such as chat, photos, and videos for as long as you wish.

Video Call on App or Mobile Browser: AssistBox mobile application is available. However, if you do not want to require your customers to download applications, you can also make video calls via mobile browser.

Appointment and Queue Infrastructure: Your customers can use our appointment screens or make instant calls to get service.

Screen Sharing and Real-Time Marking: You can share your screen with your customers during the call and direct them with real-time marking.

Chatbot: Instead of spending resources for similar requests from your customers, you can answer repetitive requests with chatbot and direct your customers if possible.

Integration with Internal Systems: You don’t want to serve your customers with the AssistBox brand? Or is it important for you that your employees do not use two different screens? You can add AssistBox web and mobile applications to your own applications or integrate with web services. You can add AssistBox web and mobile applications to your own systems or integrate with web services.

On-premises Installation: You can immediately start using the AssistBox platform as a cloud service on our servers. However, you can also choose to install it on your own servers. Moreover, the time we need for the installation is only 8 hours.

See how AssistBox can transform your process.

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