Branchless Banking is Now Possible with Remote Customer Acquisition

The system, which minimizes the time spent on face-to-face banking services in daily life, also protects customers against fraud and deceptive transactions as it provides live connections in the digital environment. With AssistBox, you can offer banking services to your customers regardless of time and place with fast identity verification steps, you can increase satisfaction and reach a much wider audience.

AssistBox has modules that can be used in online sales transactions, customer service, and customer onboarding processes in the finance sector. With the remote customer onboarding module, which includes identity verification steps, customers have the chance to complete their bank transactions without going to the bank.

With AssistBox, You Can Move Customer Onboarding Processes to the Digital Environment

With the AssistBox interface, you can offer your customers banking services wherever and whenever they want. You can add customers who are connected to representatives with real-time calls to your portfolio in a short time. You can also offer a privileged service by reaching your target audience through a digital module. With a quick connection, you can transfer information to customers who want to get information about the bank's products and talk to the authorities. After authentication procedures, where security is kept at a high level, you can have calls with users who want to open an account or buy products and you can meet the needs of the customer quickly.

AssistBox also has Features such as Authentication and Authenticity Check

AssistBox remote customer onboarding module brings together the user who wants to get service and the customer representative quickly and comfortably online. At this point, the process works as follows:

  • Thanks to the infrastructure integrated into the bank's system, the user sends a call request.
  • When the turn of the customers who make the request comes, a video call starts with the customer representative.
  • During the call, permission to access the camera is requested for authentication operations.
  • After giving permission, the customer can make video calls with the customer representative via camera.
  • In this process, the customer representative completes the authentication steps live by using the AssistBox's features such as taking photos and recording videos.
  • The system, which has features such as authentication, reality check, OCR, NFC, and hologram reading, carries the entire process online.

Customers Can Ask Their Questions About the Product to the Sales Representative and Get Information

AssistBox remote customer onboarding service can also be used for online sales.

  • Customers who want to get information about the bank's products can contact the accredited person through the system and have a call about it.
  • The customer can connect to the sales representative, ask questions, and get support.
  • The sales representative can provide comprehensive information to the customer using the different features in the AssistBox system. The sales representative can make a presentation to the customer by screen sharing. Can share details, graphics, and diagrams about the product. This way, the bank can introduce the products to its current customers in a short time.
  • Even if users do not have time to go to the bank, they can get to know the product they want to buy. Likewise, potential customers can quickly access the data they want to obtain. They can get the chance to examine the products offered by the bank, which is strengthened with innovative systems, in a digital environment.

With AssistBox Remote Customer Onboarding Module, You Do not Need Bank Branches for Transactions

AssistBox remote customer onboarding module is a product that stands out with the advantages it provides to both the brand and the user. For users who have the chance to get service with remote access, the problem of wasting time in the bank branch is eliminated. Customers who cannot find the opportunity to complete their transactions by going to the branch in person on busy days can contact the bank whenever and wherever they want. At the same time, the system enables the customer to reach the solution and information much faster in emergency situations.

By integrating the module into its system, the bank can minimize the complexity in the branch. The inefficiency created by the processes that are constantly interrupted due to the density and crowd disappears. The customer satisfaction and brand value of the financial company, which is always accessible, increases rapidly.

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