Provide Remote Support to Your Patients with Tele-Health Platform

AssistBox remote patient management service enables patients who want to benefit from healthcare services and specialist doctors to communicate in the comfort of their home via a digital platform. Integrating the digital world into the healthcare industry, the system creates a technology-based bridge between healthcare institutions and clients.

AssistBox, which includes privileges such as creating appointments, digital examination and information sharing, and consultancy, provides great convenience to clients who cannot find the opportunity to go to the hospital due to time and location problems. Thanks to AssistBox remote patient management service, patients enjoy the privilege of communicating with their doctors whenever and wherever they want. By integrating AssitBox telehealth service into your institution's system, you can turn into a privileged brand that keeps up with the times.

Doctor and Patient Get Together in Digital Environment with AssistBox Telehealth System

  • The first step of AssistBox remote patient management is the appointment phase, which brings the doctor and the patient together at a convenient time. Patients make an appointment through the hospital system.
  • An e-mail / SMS is sent to the patient and the doctor, which contains the appointment details, also a link to the video call that will create the communication between the client and the doctor when the appointment time comes.
  • When the appointment time comes, both the patient and the doctor connect to this link and meet on a common digital platform.

The Examination Environment has Moved to Digital with the Special Interface of AssistBox Telehealth System

AssistBox, which brings the patient and the doctor together with a single link, offers a perfect examination environment. The patient and the doctor can easily establish a dialogue on the AssistBox platform, which allows uninterrupted communication with its powerful system. Within the framework of the doctor’s expertise and the possibilities offered by the technological infrastructure, the clinic environment is moved to digital.

The doctor can ask questions to patients about their ailments and complaints and can guide the patient. The patient can ask the doctor what they are curious about. Besides, the doctor can take photos after getting the patient's consent. During the examination, the doctor can share the screen and guide the patient with real-time markings. Images that may be needed after the examination and that will facilitate follow-up of the patient can be taken. In addition, the system has a video recording feature. If the patient approves, the doctor can record the examination process. That way, after the inspection, examinations can be made regarding the patient's condition.

Provides File Sharing Opportunity in Digital Environment

Tabs on the AssistBox remote patient management platform allow patients and doctors to share files. Patients can quickly transfer the laboratory reports they want to send to the doctor, the epicrisis reports of past treatments, and different documents they want, via this system. Doctors can easily review the reports they receive. This way, they can access the information they need in the diagnosis phase in a digital environment and analyze the patient's condition in a better way thanks to the information and documents analyzed in a digital environment.

There is a Special Application for Emergency Situations in AssistBox Telehealth System

The AssistBox telehealth system has been designed by taking into account all the possibilities of the hospital environment that can be transferred to digital. The system also gives the doctor the chance to intervene in emergencies that may occur during the examination. The system has a tab that allows the doctor to send an ambulance to the patient's location in case of emergency. This way, the patient feels more safe and comfortable. The doctor is always prepared for unexpected situations that may occur during the examination.

Expand Your Target Group with AssistBox Telehealth Service

AssistBox telehealth service allows healthcare institutions to keep up with the times. The system, which enables the patient to reach the health services they want without leaving their home, offers an unfettered platform to the users. It allows you to meet with many groups such as busy people who do not have the opportunity to go to the hospital, those who prefer to receive service from the comfort of their home, and those who want to solve their health problems during their travels.

With AssistBox telehealth service, you can add clients looking for a digital solution to your portfolio. Thanks to AssistBox, which brings together healthcare services with an innovative perspective, you can meet clients who want to connect to experts remotely on a single platform.

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