Remote Claim Adjustment in 5 Minutes

AssistBox remote claim adjustment service is a system that offers innovative solutions to the insurance industry. AssistBox, which creates a connection between the expert and the insured who should contact the insurance company in case of damage and moves the claim adjustment process to the digital environment. So, it enables the insurance company to offer its customers a much faster and more practical solution. Integrating the AssistBox claim adjustment interface into your company's system, you can save time and increase the quality of the service you offer to your customers.

You Don't Need to Go to the Risk Address for Damage Inspection

With the AssistBox claim adjustment system, you can digitally connect to a customer whose insured product is damaged. In the connection between the expert and the customer who wants to make a damage assessment, the process works as follows:

  • First of all, the user who has the problem calls the insurance company regarding the issue and creates a damage report.
  • The expert of the company which uses the AssistBox claim adjustment service sends a link to the user to make a video call.
  • Users who open the link sent to their phone via text message allow the expert to connect to their smart devices.
  • After this point, the expert can determine the damage with the smart device of the user and collect the materials needed for the file to be edited.

Collect Data with a Call Managed in Accordance with Customer's Consent

The insurance company, which integrates the AssistBox remote access interface into its system, brings together the expert and the user on a digital platform. At this stage, the expert at one end of the line can complete the detection steps with the smart device of the insured. Of course, this requires the customer to give access in the first place. Following the permission, the procedures that the expert can do with remote access are as follows:

  • The expert can take photos of the damaged area with the user's smart device. At this stage, the expert can use different camera features such as flashlight, HD photo shooting, as well as taking the location.
  • The expert, who collects enough data, determines the location of the customer on the smart device and can start creating an expertise report at that moment.
  • Experts can examine the photos they take on their computers in detail and take notes on the images.
  • Thanks to all these steps, the expert can create a complete damage file.

Get a Solution in Short Time with AssistBox

The experts can create an appraisal report in a short time using the data they have. Then, the review process of the relevant file is started. In this step; The size of the damage is analyzed following the company policy. Experts can get help from experts and colleagues if they wish, so they can speed up the determination steps by sharing their photos and notes with the experts.

The expert working on the user's policy and damage assessment can return to the customer in a short time thanks to the AssistBox. The experts can convey detailed information about the extent of the damage and what can be done, and can quickly offer solutions suitable for their policy.

Manage the Process More Efficiently with AssistBox

The most important advantage of the AssistBox claim adjustment system is time-saving. Because this system provides much faster results than the classical method. Damage assessment procedures can be completed using much less of the time spent on the road to go to the risk address in person. So, the expert does not have to spend time on the roads and at different addresses. A single expert can deal with more customers than usual on the same day. This means that the company saves money and serves more clients with fewer employees.

AssistBox also increases customer satisfaction. Customers working with an insurance company that can connect remotely and provides solutions in a short time do not have to wait for an expert all day due to damage. The trust and sympathy for the brand increase when working with a company that quickly intervenes in problems. You can increase the productivity of your employees and the satisfaction of your customers using the AssistBox claim adjustment system that strengthens your digital side.

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