Support Your Customers or Field Teams from Where You Are

AssistBox, which brings technical support processes to digital, offers remote support. When a customer needs a technical support employee to solve the problem they are having, they can quickly contact the accredited person thanks to AssistBox. With visuals are supporting this communication process; the customer can find a solution to his problem in a concise time. In other words, AssistBox remote customer and technical support service eliminate the need for the employees to go to the field. Thus, the problem can be detected quickly and the solution process starts immediately. With AssistBox, which gives companies an innovative perspective, the conveniences offered by the digital world can be integrated into every sector.

Your Technical Support Team does not Have to Go to the Address to Examine Customers’ Problems

The purpose of the AssistBox remote customer and technical support platform is to produce much faster solutions to problems that need to be examined by the technical service. In this context, thanks to the developed platform, the customer and technical team can communicate online. Thanks to the AssistBox interface, the team can detect the source of the problem by examining the problem remotely. After completing the analysis steps, it can quickly move on to the solution development phase. If the solution found by the technical team is approved by the user, the problem is eliminated.

Examine The Problem Instantly with AssistBox Remote Technical and Customer Support System

The functioning of the AssistBox remote customer and technical support platform is as follows:

  • The customer who wants to communicate the problem to the technical support team contacts the relevant team.
  • After explaining the situation on the phone in the first place, he gives permission for a connection by clicking on the link sent by the technical team.
  • This digital connection, provided through the AssistBox, has the technical support staff at one end and the customer at the other.
  • After the customer gives the necessary permissions, the technical support team accesses the camera of the customer’s smart device.
  • Then, the customer shows the product to the technical team from the camera of the smart device. At this point, the technical team can collect better information by directing the user to the areas they want to view.
  • The technical team has the opportunity to examine the problem experienced on-site through the camera. At this stage, the technical staff can take pictures through the camera of the phone as they wish, use the flashlight of the camera, and access the location of the customer.
  • During the conversation, the technical support team can easily guide the customer with features such as real-time marking or screen sharing.
  • After the examinations, the technical team can offer permanent or temporary solution alternatives to the customer. The continuation of this process develops depending on the size of the problem.

AssistBox Allows You to Develop a Solution in Cooperation with the Customer As Soon As Possible

Establishing an online connection with the customer using the AssistBox system, the technical team can easily collect the data they need to determine the source and level of the problem during this call. At this stage, the team gets a chance to understand the problem better by asking questions about the situation. During the conversation, the user can directly give detailed information about the solution to the problem. The user, who follows the guidance of the technical team, can reach a solution in a short time.

If the source of the problem is greater and manual intervention is absolutely necessary, the team can offer workarounds to the customer, then creates a file about the problem and goes through the analysis steps. The technical team, working on how to solve the problem, contacts the customer again at the end of this phase. It informs the user about the steps to be followed. Then, for the implementation phase, the technical support employee visits the customer’s location when they are available.

Reduce Costs, Increase Employee Productivity and Customer Satisfaction with AssistBox

AssistBox remote customer and technical support service offers you different advantages in many areas. You do not have to send the technical team to the field for a problem that can be solved with remote access. Thanks to this system, which you can use for jobs that only require detection, you can increase employee productivity and increase the rate of getting results in the first intervention. You can also increase customer satisfaction thanks to the remote access system, which offers faster and more practical solutions than conventional methods. You can add brands and users who prefer to work with innovative companies that find solutions to their problems in a short time to your portfolio. You can be referred to as a more innovative and visionary company thanks to AssistBox systems.

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