Store Experience Without Leaving Home

The AssistBox online store service, which brings the store experience home thanks to the connection established between the brand and the customer, has been developed to give corporate companies an innovative perspective. AssistBox's online store system brings a new breath to remote shopping. The service, which enables customers to shop in the comfort of home, takes e-commerce to the next level.

The purpose of the AssistBox remote store service is to provide the user with the visuality they need. Thanks to the digital platform integrated into the e-commerce system of the brands, the customer can have the real store experience in the comfort of their home. This way, they can access parameters that a web page cannot provide. In brief, with the AssistBox online store experience, the customer can really feel like shopping in the physical store. They get the chance to examine the product in three dimensions and learn what they are curious about. By integrating AssistBox into your brand's e-commerce system, you can make innovations in line with modern shopping habits.

Store Moves to Mobile Devices with AssistBox Online Store System

AssistBox works in integration with the e-commerce sites of the brands. The operation of the system is as follows:

  • Customers entering the brand's e-commerce site see an option to connect live to the store.
  • Customers have a video call with the physical store from the “Get Live Support" tab on the home page.
  • The one end is the customer who wants to get detailed information about the product. The other end is a sales representative working in the store.
  • This established digital bridge gives the customer a “physical store experience" through the e-commerce site.
  • If the customers want, they can buy the product they like through this system.

AssistBox also Offers the Opportunity to Check the Product Physically

The motto of the AssistBox remote store system is “Bring Store Home!". And this motto represents a system that fully meets its content. As it is known, today there is no obligation to go to the store to buy any product. Almost all brands have their own e-commerce platform. Customers can connect to these sites from their homes and shop as they wish. Later, they can return or exchange the products they receive under certain conditions.

AssistBox online store service stands out as a system that improves the working principle of e-commerce sites. In this system, the user has the chance to really “see" the product. In other words, the user does not have to wait for the package to arrive to check the product in detail. Users who meet with the sales representative in a virtual environment can directly see the product they want to buy in the store environment and can ask questions about the product to the sales representative.

Communicating with the store through smart devices, the customer can have a much more real experience. Both customer satisfaction increases and a healthier sales environment is created. AssistBox online store service allows customers to easily find what they want and to the most efficient use of the time spent shopping.

The Customer Can Easily Buy the Requested Product

Customers who connect to the store via the AssistBox online store service can add the product they like to their basket while having the video call. This way, the customer does not have to waste time by going to the shopping screen and searching for the product after the call.

Expand Your Business Vision With AssistBox Online Store Service

AssistBox remote store system offers solutions to customers hesitating while browsing e-commerce pages. Customers who have difficulty in getting answers to their questions about the product on the web page can find a direct contact with this service. So, they don’t need to waste their time on comment pages whether the product can meet their requests.

With the AssistBox online store interface, you can offer a special service to customers who leave the page without purchasing the product because they have questions in mind. Thanks to this system where customers who have the chance to see the product as they wish, meet with fast purchasing solutions, you can increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction giving them a different experience and expand your customer portfolio.

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