Video Call Center for Hearing Impaired

The number of hearing-impaired individuals in the world is approximately 45 million, and 90% of them are adults. Hearing-impaired individuals cannot reach the call center and get support. E-mail and instant chat applications are not always sufficient to solve the problems they experience. With the video call center service, you can facilitate the access of your hearing and speech impaired customers and offer them personalized service. Thus, you can ensure that all your customers benefit from your call center services on equal terms.

The added value created by the video call center service for customers, especially customers with hearing and speech disabilities, is obvious. For 93% of hearing-impaired individuals, being able to communicate in their native language is very important. The need for call centers has increased, especially in the increasingly digitalized world with the current pandemic period. With the video call center service, you can provide your customers with a more humane experience and gain their trust. You can also easily get feedback on the experience with the end-of-the-call surveys. In addition, you can easily get feedback on the experience, increase your brand value and customer base with this service.

With AssistBox, you can reach this untouched group of potential customers and offer them a personalized service by facilitating their access. By clicking a single button on your website or mobile application, your hearing-impaired customers can start a call with your customer representatives that knows sign language and find solutions for their problems in a short time. With its very easy access, AssistBox can be used on all smart devices. In addition, AssistBox has features that are much more than a video call application. With these features, you can make video calls securely, remotely control some features of your customers' mobile devices without tiring them and check the authenticity in the digital environment. AssistBox also has infrastructures that can prevent abuse of the service you provide. If you need, you can include different participants in the call, record all the calls, and access all your data whenever you want.

IGA Istanbul Airport, which preferred AssistBox for the video call center service it offers for its hearing-impaired customers, has placed digital information kiosks at twenty-three different points within the airport. Providing live support service in Turkish sign language through its kiosks, Istanbul Airport offers a comfortable experience to its hearing-impaired customers. With this project, İGA Istanbul Airport was selected first in the Accessible Workplaces category at the Turkey Accessibility Awards organized by the Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services. To evaluate the use of this service within your institution, you can contact us via the form below.

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