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Information on Protection of Personal Data

1) Introduction

This information is provided and presented by ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI to the attention of our customers and visitors who use our website in order to fulfill the information obligation in this context in accordance with the Law No. 6698 of Protection of Personal Data and all other relevant legislation.

2) Legal Basis

The use and protection of personal data is regulated by many different laws in our country’s legislation. These laws are primarily KVKK as well as the Insurance Law No. 5684 and Turkish Penal Code No. 5237 that also contain provisions on the use and protection of personal data. Other than these; The Regulation on Insurance Agents, the Regulation on Insurance Information and Supervision Center and other legislations in the field of insurance also impose various regulations that regulate the collection and use of personal data for the conduct of insurance activities.

3) Personal Information collected by ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI

  • Name, surname, identification number and identification information, date of birth, place of birth, address and e-mail address and other contact information, occupational information, family information, including but not limited to other information required for the identification of the user in all other cases if imposed by the legislation,
  • Financial status, credit card information and / or bank account information in order to perform the necessary transactions in terms of premium and payment, needs analysis and best advice,
  • Lifestyle and other similar personal data required for insurance activities,
  • Private personal data: Any kind of data necessary for the acceptance of the insurance policy, technical evaluation, damage assessment and compensation claims, as well as all data submitted to the ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI by the Insurance Company and the contracted surveyor and / or transmitted to the Forensic Registry Document, photograph, medical report, Insurance Company and the contracted surveyor provided that it is regulated by the relevant legislation, the sample of the Population Registration, MERNIS registration and other similar data;
  • Information about your legitimate heirs, beneficiaries and those who make your payments;
  • Your marketing and communication preferences.

4) The Purpose of Personal Data Collection

Personal data will be used to ensure that ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI will be able to continue providing services in its legitimate field of activity. For this reason, such personal data shall be collected, processed and stored within the framework of including but not limited to policy arrangements, insurance premiums, maintenance of compensation processes, demand requests, policy renewal proposals, damage assessment and compensation processes and for all other purposes required by the legitimate field of activity.

5) Methodology of Personal Data Collection

5.1. Personal Data Collected by You from Third Parties

Personal data is collected in accordance with legal regulations, from insurance companies, credit institutions, internet websites, mobile application providers, support services providers, institutions and organizations cooperating with ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI, banks and agencies, agencies, brokers, call centers, via the collection of information provided by our customers to insurance surveyors companies or to electronic services as well as collection of data transmitted by our insurance customers and business partners. In addition, personal data can also be collected from public institutions such as Republic of Turkey Ministry of Treasury and Finance, General Directorate of Insurance, Insurance Supervision Agency, Insurance Association of Turkey, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center, Life Insurance Information Center (HAYMER), Health Insurance Information Center (SAGMER), SISBIS, Pension Monitoring Center (EGM) and from similar public institutions required to obtain information and from contracted institutions where the insured / customer receives service.

5.2. Personal data collected through cookies and similar technologies

ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI uses small files called cookies, and through these files, it keeps record of the information about your visit to all kinds of websites and mobile applications with the purpose of getting to know you better and providing you with new services. You can reach our cookie policy from the link given.

5.3. Personal Data collected directly from customers and prospects

Your personal data may be collected with the necessary consent and in accordance with the legislation, from companies working in cooperation with ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI, is a client of ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI or using ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI’s product “AssistBox“ that are The General Directorates of Insurance Companies, The Regional Directorates of Insurance Companies, agencies, brokers, call centers, contracted expert companies, customers and prospective customers who make direct transactions with the said institutions.

6) The Purpose of Personal Data Usage

In accordance with the legislation, ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI will be able to record, store, update, disclose, transfer, classify and process your personal data.

Your personal data can be used in various processes and statistical evaluations including but not limited to data mining, database creation, reporting, marketing, market research and business development.

7) Security of Personal Data

Personal data shared with ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI are under ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI’s supervision and control. ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI shall provide all necessary organization and take technical measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the data in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

8) Sharing With Third Parties

Arising from insurance contracts and insurance policies that are within the scope of any damage assessment or support service, fulfilling the obligations that are included in the legitimate field of activity of ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI, personal data can be shared with judicial, administrative or similar authorities, official and private institutions and organizations such as Republic of Turkey Ministry of Treasury and Finance, General Directorate of Insurance, Insurance Supervision Agency, Insurance Association of Turkey, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center, Life Insurance Information Center (HAYMER), Health Insurance Information Center (SAGMER), SISBIS, Pension Monitoring Center (EGM).

9) Abroad Data Transfer

The personal data obtained can be shared with ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI, subsidiary and affiliate companies of ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI, third parties or legal entities abroad that ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI is providing or receiving service from. Also, within the framework of storage, processing of data and in the context of IT Services, the personal data obtained may be used in the Cloud environment and applications in domestic and / or abroad.

Your personal data may be transferred abroad in accordance with the legislation for the purpose of processing, storage, administration or any other use specified in this policy. All necessary measures are taken to ensure that your personal data is properly protected.

10) Individual Rights

Our customers or prospects and our employees or persons interviewed have the following rights in accordance with the legislation:

a) To learn whether personal data has been processed,

b) If personal data is processed, requesting information about it,

c) To learn the purpose of processing their personal data and whether the data is used according to its purpose,

d) To learn about the third parties to which personal data is transferred domestically or abroad,

e) To request the correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing,

f) To request the deletion and complete elimination of personal data in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the legislation,

g) To request the notification of transactions made in accordance with the legislation to third parties where personal data is transferred,

h) To object to a result against the self arising from analysis of the processed data exclusively by automated systems,

i) To demand reimbursement in case the individual suffers damage losses due to unlawful processing of personal data.

The provisions contained in article 28 (2) of the SPKK and conditions set forth in other provisions regulating the exceptions about the above-mentioned rights are outside the scope of this article.

11) Actuality of Data

In accordance with the legislation and transactional requirements, the policyholder / client must provide all important and necessary information he knows or shall know at the time of the contract or the commencement of the operations for the requested service. In case of any change in the data shared by the policyholder / customer after the initiation of the contract or the commencement of the operations for the requested service, the current and correct information must be communicated to ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI by the policyholder / customer. The responsibility of keeping the information up to date belongs to the information provider. ASSISTBOX TEKNOLOJI will update the information according to the requests of the person who provides the information.

12) Contact Information

You can send any issues, questions and suggestions Regarding the Protection of Personal Data to or to the address below:

AssistBox Teknoloji Ltd. Sti.

Dikilitas Mah. Barbaros Sk. No:14 Guvenc Apt. D:8 34349 Besiktas/Istanbul/Turkiye