Video Call Technologies Change the Service of Institutions

Today, video calling is not an optional facility, and it has become an indispensable form of communication in our daily lives. International analyzes show that video calling, which has an important place in our lives since people cannot leave their homes due to the pandemic, will be an essential standard communication choice even after the pandemic is over. Let's see what makes video calls so important and useful?

In 2020, daily video call traffic increased by 535%. Although the reason for this is the switch to the remote working model due to the pandemic, statistics reveal that there are also different reasons for this situation. Video calling increases productivity by 50%, and 90% of people prefer to have their problems solved with video calls, if possible, compared to face-to-face interaction. In addition, video calls reduce the transportation expenses of the parties by 47%. Companies that integrate video calling into their processes are seen as 51% more innovative by customers, and video calling increases the trust index up to 3 times compared to voice communication.

Considering all these statistics, it is inevitable to use video call applications in the services offered to customers. Standing out with its quality and ease of use, AssistBox is an online communication platform developed to provide remote service to your customers in the finance, insurance, retail, telecom, and health industries with its sectoral solutions. With AssistBox, which includes features such as video conferencing, remote mobile device control, authentication, chatbot, appointment, and queue infrastructures, you can offer your customers a personalized and modern experience. With browser support, your customers can easily connect to the video call without the need to download any application. In addition, you can integrate AssistBox into your own systems as you wish and eliminate the need to use different platforms for different needs.

In processes where AssistBox is used, we increased customer satisfaction by 90% and employee productivity by 60%. Contact us now to learn how we can digitize your processes.

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